Transfer Agents

MetaVest provides transfer agents with an optimized system of recording ownership, managing transfers and issuances, cancelling an issuer’s shares, and generally assisting registered shareholders. 

MetaVest enables any transfer agent to digitize their entire business for greater efficiency but also allows them to tap into new business opportunities available in the digital asset ecosystem.

By maintaining a chain of provenance for assets and coded asset lifecycle payment instructions, MetaVest enhances operations significantly. This facilitates tasks such as investor sign-off, investor share class identification, payment distribution, and diligence review without extraneous agent requirements. 

Additional logic can be employed such as recording net subscriptions and liquidations/redemptions initiated by investors. MetaVest’s Blockchain enabled platform further enhances asset servicing for funds, investors, and other stakeholders.


One platform, many advantages

The MetaVest platform combines powerful functionality for you to 10x your efficiency while significantly reducing overhead costs.

With MetaConnect you can tap into different businesses operating in and around the capital markets whereas MetaMarkets allows you to showcase your offering to a broader audience. 

Ready to experience the future of capital markets?

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