Capital markets regulatory organizations, globally, can greatly benefit from MetaVest’s transparent and verifiable record keeping on a Blockchain ledger. Regardless of asset or security type, you can have access to all transactional & ownership data at any point in time. 

The immutable nature of blockchain guarantees permanent authenticity and provides the opportunity for regulators to automate auditing and compliance, functions that are notoriously manual. 

Regulatory authorities can leverage the Blockchain network to track holdings, regulators can focus on analytics and risk prediction rather than on mapping each firm’s system environment and reconciling transactions. 

Reducing friction across the various labor and time-intensive processes will streamline legal and regulatory operations. Further, the enhanced quality of data will reduce overhead costs and mitigate specific types of systemic risk.

One platform, many advantages

The MetaVest platform combines powerful functionality for you to execute your duties more efficiently while significantly reducing overhead costs related to manual reconciliation.

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