Private Issuers

MetaVest provides issuers with faster, simpler, and more affordable access to capital by allowing them to easily create and distribute programmable digital assets and securities. 


Whether you are an early stage company looking to raise seed funding, an SME in need of debt or an established private firm trying to issue green bonds, MetaVest supports you throughout the entire process. Issuance, document management, security distribution, payments and redemption can all be done through the platform.

New securities are issued in minutes with the codification and automation of the required rights and obligations encoded. This functionality increases transaction volume capacity and velocity, thus allowing issuers to focus on new transactions and new business. 

MetaVest streamlines compliance and suitability gathering processes while simultaneously providing real-time analytics all within a single interface. 

Moreover, digital assets expand accessibility by allowing small investors to purchase fractions of an asset, making the individual units more affordable and transferable and thus increasing liquidity and investor diversity. 

One platform, many advantages

The MetaVest platform combines powerful functionality for you to 10x your efficiency while significantly reducing overhead costs.

With MetaConnect you can tap into different businesses operating in and around the capital markets whereas MetaMarkets allows you to showcase your offering to a broader audience. 

Ready to experience the future of capital markets?

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