MetaVest provides both traditional exchanges and digital exchanges with access to its global ecosystem of stakeholders, including ETF & index providers, broker-dealers, transfer agents, issuers, and more. 

Blockchain technology itself has already begun to optimize some exchanges through automation and decentralization. 

It has helped to reduce the costs levied on customers in terms of commission while speeding up the process for faster transaction settlements. According to a study by Nasdaq and Celent, only 5% of the firms polled had implemented blockchain at the time. 

Despite this, 70% say they are working on trial projects, while 20% respond that they have ‘no plans’ to implement and 5% lack the technical expertise to say. 

MetaVest can help traditional exchanges go digital while enabling all exchanges to seamlessly gain access to a global clearing & settlement ecosystem.

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The MetaVest platform combines powerful functionality for you to radically improve your technology infrastructure and cater to a new breed of digital assets.

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