ETF & Index Providers

Using MetaVest, investment managers can instantly distribute, receive, and process index data, resulting in better benchmark tracking and significant cost savings, thus resulting in better returns.

Currently, index data transmission, which is essential to many operations within the financial services industry, relies on multiple parties and distribution channels to reach investment professionals. Blockchain technology and smart contracts can enhance market data distribution among disparate parties by securely sharing the data via a secure & immutable data layer, thus automating workflows to expedite data delivery, eliminating the need for manual updates and further reducing risks. 

MetaVest’s ability to provide secure, timely, reliable, and controlled distribution of highly sensitive and time-critical information, coupled with its machine learning capabilities and ecosystem generated data, will prove to be essential to the continued evolution of the investment and financial services environment as a whole.

One platform, many advantages

The MetaVest platform combines powerful functionality for you to get directly to your clients while significantly reducing overhead costs.

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