Broker Dealers

Broker dealers are an integral part of the capital markets ecosystem but because they have relied on paper-based & manual processes to run their business, operational scalability has always been an issue. This is true on the administrative side but also on the distribution level.

In order to grow profitably, brokers need to reduce overhead costs and broaden their investor base. Today, the world is quickly going digital and investors expect on-demand services and access to their investments. 

MetaVest provides broker dealers with a highly efficient solution for fundraising while providing investors with an exquisite digital experience. Our digital infrastructure allows broker dealers to minimize overhead, reduce cycle times, increase margins, and maintain compliance effortlessly.

Furthermore, the increased connectivity available via MetaConnect allows broker dealers to vastly broaden their network of issuers and investors while showcasing their services to interested parties.

MetaVest’s registration and cap table management functionality eliminate repetitive and error-prone data entry for industry stakeholders, making it easier to execute offerings. Broker dealers can then produce an auditable ledger or report of investors for the client.

With recent regulatory updates, asset brokers are now also able to handle digital assets for their clients signalling increased adoption within the private capital markets. 

MetaVest facilitates the tokenization of both new and existing securities allowing you to further expand accessibility for private market offerings to a broader investor class.

As new asset types flood the market, MetaVest is committed to helping broker dealers across the spectrum easily adopt, leverage and benefit from Blockchain based issuance, management and trading infrastructure.

One platform, many advantages

The MetaVest platform combines powerful functionality for you to 10x your efficiency while significantly reducing overhead costs.

With MetaConnect you can tap into different businesses operating in and around the capital markets whereas MetaMarkets allows you to showcase your offering to a broader audience. 

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