Accounting & Audit Firms

Blockchain is ultimately an accounting technology. It’s purpose is to record the transfer of ownership of assets and maintain a ledger of accurate financial information which everyone can trust. 

Accounting and audit firms can leverage blockchain technology via the MetaVest platform in order to more effectively review asset ownership and obligations, thus dramatically improving efficiency. Our solution can substantially decrease the costs of maintaining and reconciling ledgers and provide absolute certainty over the ownership and history of assets. 

Accountants and auditors would get additional clarity over available resources and obligations of their organizations while freeing up resources to concentrate on planning and valuation rather than recordkeeping. With its integrated analytical capabilities, the MetaVest platform will generate granular data-driven insight, ultimately marrying accounting records to economic reality and valuation.

One platform, many advantages

Allow your stakeholders to share data seamlessly and securely through the MetaVest platform for a significant reduction in reconciliation costs.

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