Frequently Asked Questions

♛ MetaVest allows you to digitize your investment offerings compliantly through distributed and immutable ledger (also known as Blockchain).

♛ You can manage the entire life cycle of your clients, old and new, through integrated tools and workflow automation flexibility.

♛ Forget about shuffling paper back and forth – have all your documents and communications in one place.

♛ Forget spreadsheets – we provide you with an integrated dashboard which helps you stay on top of things without switching applications.

♛ Analyze how your investment products are performing through a configurable dashboard.

♛ Make informed decisions by leveraging analytical insight to optimize your investment offerings and find the investors who are looking just for you!

♛ Share insights and reports with your team and clients through a shared view without having to individually contact everyone.

♛ Collect investments from anywhere in the world with minimal cross border transaction costs.

♛ Settle trades autonomously within 5 seconds without the need for manual intervention.

♛ Appeal to the average investor by lowering the barriers to entry.

If you are securities issuer, broker dealer or fund manager, we would love to have you on board. 

Please send us a message and we will get back to you to discuss next steps.

You can reach us at

Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence and other Web . Mobile Technologies.

By leveraging the latest in digital technology, we are able to ensure longevity for our users.

As Blockchain & Artificial Intelligence have proven themselves as a need rather than a want, we allow the capital market ecosystem to easily transition into tomorrow’s securities ecosystem so they can take advantage of what it has to offer in terms of lower costs and opportunities for expansion through automation & digitization.

**Metavest is not a broker dealer or securities issuer and in no way solicits investments or provides financial advice. 

Our goal is to overcome the barriers for investors so they can access previously inaccessible markets by allowing issuers and dealers a viable solution to the high operational & compliance costs they face.

As an investor you would be able to access investment opportunities from our partners.

Some of the benefits include:  

♛ View lucrative investment deals across the globe

♛ Low investment minimums to allow everyone to participate in private market offerings

♛ Ability to fund investments via fiat or digital currencies and easily transfer directly from your bank account or digital wallet

♛ See your investment grow and returns accumulate over time through your personal analytical dashboard!

♛ Access your personal robo advisor by answering a few simple questions to get customized investment offerings catered to your needs

♛ Share opportunities with your friends and invest collectively by forming your own fund