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MetaConnect helps you engage with individuals & businesses in the private asset markets globally.

digital asset management

Technology is best when it brings people together.

Matt Mullenweg
digital asset management

Discover resources & new opportunities.

Collaborate on new business ventures, find businesses to help you structure your offerings and follow prominent personalities to learn what they are investing in.

List once and for all

Combined with MetaMarkets, you can showcase your investments to the world with our integrated clearing & settlement infrastructure so trades settle quickly without the need of trusting a centralized third party (and their fees).

digital asset management
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Learn from the crowd

As an investor, you can follow investment trends and new offerings in the private markets as they become available so you have your finger on the pulse. Moreover, you can show the world how successful you are by making your portfolio public.

Build your own virtual comunities

MetaConnect offers more than just a gateway for online discovery – we allow you to build your own virtual communities and harness the power of the crowd.

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