Be The Change You Want To See

Get Paid Instantly While Growing Your Business.

Highly Secure

Low Transaction Costs

Customizable Rewards and Offers

Instant Settlement

Reduce payment processing fees by 50%

Accept payments via QR Codes & your MetaID to significantly reduce transaction fees.

Grow your business and attract new customers

You can create special offers and publicize them in seconds — on the move, in the moment, or when the time is right to incentivize new & existing customers to buy from you.

Tap into customer analytics

Know who is buying from you and how often. You can access data on your customers, market directly and start making data-driven decisions.

Apple iOS


Own your brand

Claim your $MetaID (before someone else does) and use it to build your own brand, accept, send and request payments publicly without revealing any personal information.



Saved by 500,000+ people and companies around the world


5Y historic annual return on our Balanced fund (28th Feb 2019)


Average savings on bills and expenses per customer


Receive top quality assistance for all your hotel reservations

Flexible & Simple Pricing
1% of in-store & online payments

Keep more money in your pocket. Pay as you get paid with no monthly minimums and no fixed fees. 



2% fee when sending to non-Monese accounts £2 minimum fee


2% fee when sending to non-Monese accounts £2 minimum fee


2% fee when sending to non-Monese accounts £2 minimum fee

Free with all our plans.

Customizable Offers

Create offers on the go and advertise within MetaVest

Apple & Android Apps

Download the app on your phone or tablet easily

Revenue Analytics

Understand in detail how your revenue is growing

Online Customer Support

We are here to support you along the way

Sending & Requesting Money

Send and request money from other users

Instant Withdrawals

Withdraw money to your external bank account on-demand

Join the global revolution and make payment processing business friendly

Experience MetaVest now.

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